Code of Ethics

"The optimist sees opportunity in every danger;
the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity"

Winston Churchill

We share strong values which are the source of our action, our conduct and our future, these are our pledges to our customers and our way of working.

Words of Ethics

We, through courage, drive and integrity, contribute to the creation of success stories.

We are people who make things happen, tackling every daily challenge with full commitment.

We are protagonists of our story, taking ownership of our role and making our valuable contribution to the profitability of our customers and our suppliers.

We grow through our own results, those of Rolfo and those of our customers.

We are constantly focused on business growth, we cooperate with our partners (Rolfo Group and customers) enhancing common goals.

We are a team, we belong to the Rolfo Group, we play an active part in company processes.

Our sense of belonging to the group represents a source of pride and a value we concentrate on daily.

We act enthusiastically pursuing the common company targets.

Why achieving a target provides clarity, achieving it together is a greater success.

We act positively and responsibly and as a team go the extra mile in our pursuit of durable results.

Every problem is seen as an opportunity for improvement and we are proactive in originating solutions.

The strongest values of our team are:

We work hard to achieve our targets with awareness, determination and actions which are ethically oriented to results and building up strong, fair and durable relationships.

We guarantee professionalism in an atmosphere of reciprocal trust, listening and understanding.

We pursue the highest professional and quality standards in all our operational sectors.

Relationships are assets and we take every opportunity with our partners to achieve common goals.

We build genuine relationships, based on listening and understanding, thereby fostering mutual respect and confidence.

We are ambitious to improve, we are open-minded and are ready to continue to learn.

We originate and promote innovations.

Our skills are implemented to advance the Rolfo brand and its intrinsic and perceived value, focused on full customer satisfaction.

By means of professional planning and methodology, we look for new operational environments and new services in order to improve and complete our offer.

Our ambition is realised through our excellence.

We are never happy with mediocrity, and give our 100% commitment in all our activities.