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Eletra, a new solution for trailer power

The Eletra project is an important step towards sustainability for long-haul carriers. 

Bestlog has been involved from the beginning, believing that Eletra could show huge potential savings in fuel cost and maintenance time.

Bestlog's assessment was correct; reality has shown that Eletra provides a new path towards cost and environmental sustainability.

Eletra is a solution (it fits as retrofit too) that provides a range of benefits to all types of trailers, including open transporters and enclosed trailers. 

It consists of 56 repurposed new HV-Li-Ion batteries providing 23kWh at 24V. The total weight is 165kg only.

The batteries are charged either by an alternator while driving, external 230V supply or solar panels. This means that you can easily install it without having to make any changes to your equipment.

The advantages of Eletra include:

  • Fuel savings
  • Cost reduction
  • CO2 and noise pollution reduction
  • Long lasting batteries; no replacement necessary
  • Retrofit solution
  • Improved driver comfort

More on Eletra on the video aside.

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