A history of transport sustainability and innovation

Green technologies are one of the hottest theme in the transport sector, however actual implementation still requires a lot of efforts. We are proud and honoured to work closely with companies that consider Low emission transport to become not only a long-term goal, but something concrete in a short and middle-term strategy.

Brit European will reach a total CO2 saving amount of 4,000 tonnes over the next five years on JCB deliveries thanks to their recent new fleet investment.

Graham Lackey, Brit European Managing Director recognized We had to make a step change in our approach to reduce carbon emissions by a third, (in the next 5 years), to achieve our own corporate aspirations and those of our major and valued customers. Only dual fuel technology and the use of natural gas in conjunction with diesel fuel and the compression engine offered that opportunity.

As a solid partner of Brit European, in 2013 we have supplied the very first rigid and drawbar truck carriers, in the sector adopting a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuelling system.

On the other hand dual fuel is not the only path towards a greener transport.

Following demand from its customer to innovate Rolfo has developed in collaboration to partner suppliers a unique electro hydraulic power pack which allows all Rolfo products to run on batteries.

Brit European operates within its fleets also the semi-trailer Centaurus, all supplied with an electro-hydraulic pump, it can be run with the engine off, thus reaching a zero emission load-unload operation.

The pursue of efficiency through innovation in business isn’t just the key of Brit European success, but also of the strong partnership between Brit European and Rolfo. The pioneering spirit of the English company matches and supports all the great efforts made by the Rolfo/Unirolfo team: both aiming to go the extra mile and to increase the quality-range of their offer on the market.

Unirolfo is the ROLFO official sales agent, for new products Rolfo cartransporters, Rolfo vehicle carriers, Rolfo truckcarriers, Rolfo enclosed transporters, Rolfo car transporter, Rolfo semi-trailer 

in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel and Southafrica.

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