A story of great transporters on a very small scale

Working in the company you’ve founded on an idea for over 30 years makes your everyday life and work-perception worthy. 

This is Aldo Stuardi’s story, founder at CMF.

[Aldo working at home on a 1:43 scale model of Rolfo Auriga deluxe]

He’s been partnering with Rolfo for almost 30 years: “it will be 30 next year, in 2019. It was 1989 when Rolfo and mine’s paths have crossed”.

Even if you weren’t a fan of the beautiful Stuardi’s car transporters-scale models, it would be worthy knowing how Rolfo and CMF got together. 

This is really a story about passion and commitment.

“As a child I used to live close to the Turin train station and to a deposit of car carriers. 

So those two passions grew in me: trains and trucks

With my company I was already working on train-scale models, when at the end of the 1980’s I decided to take a step forward moving to my other passion, trucking. 

I wrote hundreds of letters to truck-companies, hoping someone would be interested in at least taking a look at my models. 

I manage to have a first meeting with Rolfo and we immediatly got in tune.

The day after, Giuseppe Gamba, from Rolfo, called me back: they agreed on 200 scale model car carriers: it was quite a good start!

[A Rolfo Pegasus 1:43 scale model, Stuardi made in the 90']

From a certain point of view, Aldo has followed all the market-developments at Rolfo over the last three decades always meeting Rolfo’s and Rolfo’s customers’ needs:

“I like every kind of scale-modelled car transporter, but I need to admit that the Pegasus and the EGO for UK (538) are the most satisfying ones

And obviously, the best scale-model is the one with cars loaded on it.

We don't like empty carriers so we tend to agree with him, don't you?

[a 1:43 scale model Rolfo EGO 538 made for National Vehicle Distribution]

[a special edition 1:43 scale Pegasus 2006 with a roaring Iveco Stralis All blacks version]

“Do not think that because we’re talking about scale-model cars, to get them loaded is any easier than it is in reality!”. 

He further explained: “sometimes cars are not that precise in scaling, for example: the wheels, they’re usually much larger than in realiity. So frequently when you try to put them on the decks (in perfect 1:43 scale from the original Rolfo drawings), you can’t make it fit and you start getting creative. 

Then it gets difficult to explain that the problem is not on the truck itself. It’s kind of funny: Rolfo’s engineers have always told me that those loadings on their carriers would fit!”

[Aldo handing over a unique 3 deck 11 car carrier into the classic Richard Lawson livery]

[Aldo delivering a Rolfo Auriga deluxe model to Danilo Gamba, Rolfo head of marketing and advertising. 

Danilo is the son of Giuseppe who hired Aldo for the first job in 1989]

We will always be grateful to Aldo for his masterpieces and his partnership with us!

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