A story of success ...with heart: PGVM

The Grimshaw’s family-members – Paul, founder of Paul Grimshaw Vehicle Movements (PGVM), Lewis and Dan, his sons – can tell thousand stories about their job. 

Fingers accidentally mangled by a car, TV-commercials in Ukraine or even Mercedes special requirements for the transportation of F1-vehicles…

Quoting Paul on how he sees the business:

"We hold six or seven Silverstone days each year plus as many days again abroad at other tracks, [...] We do factory tours, too, and everyone stays at top hotels. So that everyone gets the attention they deserve, there are never more than 10 drivers at each event".

All those stories come from an amazing combination of great experience and passionate commitment & dedication to the job.

“I love trucks”,

affirms Paul Grimshaw.

If you wanted to know the secret behind the company-success, it sounds like you've already found one of them.

Our team and PGVM have a good history of connection.

The enclosed 6-car semitrailers Rolfo Auriga Deluxe in their fleet have helped the Brackley located company manage different loading setups, from sport low-chassis cars to long-wheelbase ones like the Aston Martin.

There are three Rolfo covered trailers with extending roofs […] We’ve also got two race trailers with tail lifts, like the Rolfo Auriga Deluxe that we’re using today, where the car is too long to drive up a ramp without grounding it”.

We thank PGVM for the trust placed in the Rolfo/Unirolfo team 

certain that the Rolfo Auriga Deluxe will keep being part of their great success in the delivery of quality confidential car transports with heart.

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