AGS levels up

The proper mindset, a business-vision and, of course, a bit of good luck: that’s what it takes to take your business to the next level.

This is happening right now to the company AGS, which is currently becoming official workshop within the Mercedes Benz Truck service network.

“Key to the appeal of the new partnership for Mercedes-Benz Trucks was AGS’s focus on customer service”.

The opening of the AGS brand-new £ 6 million worth workshop – in June 2020 – in the nearby of the Heathrow Airport will be the proper occasion to celebrate the cooperation between the two companies.

These are the words by Richard Holmes, Managing Director at AGS: 

“we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in building AGS up to its current position […] 

we’re now looking forward to this next, exciting phase in the company’s development.”

AGS's approach is based on a factual commitment to quality and result. 

Unirolfo is actively taking part to AGS's business growth through the Rolfo carrier and is proud to keep supporting them in the future.

We wish all the best to AGS, the management and all the people working for them for a bright and successful future!

Unirolfo, since 1989 part of the Rolfo group, is the ROLFO official agent and distributor, for new products sales Rolfo cartransporters, Rolfo vehicle carriers, Rolfo truckcarriers, Rolfo enclosed transporters, Rolfo car transporter, Rolfo semitrailer, Rolfo enclosed vehicle transport,

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