Bas Trucks moves again with Hercules

A number of new additions to our long-time customer Bas Truck’s fleet has been delivered in these weeks.

Bas Trucks is the European biggest second-hand truck & trailer dealer.

May it be a used or a new truck or construction equipment, cars, vans or trailers, they'll pick it up or deliver it to you.

Daan de Haas, Head of Transport at Bas Trucks says:

“we always look at maximising load flexibility and top performances with reference to loading heights. The Rolfo Hercules has been again the perfect match to our requirements” 

The Rolfo Hercules 3.3 has proven in the years to be the perfect kit for transporting up to 3 vehicles in the range of medium-heavy / heavy vehicles.

The Rolfo Heavy Duty equipment is TÜV certified, and is supplied with lashing hooks for agricultural machines (with a nominal force per hook: 5000 DaN) and deck-integrated lashing points for the strapping of heavy-duty vehicles (nominal force per point: 2000 DaN).

The Rolfo Hercules design has been constantly optimized to accommodate specific customer requests.

We're proud of the partnership with Bas Trucks and of its renewed choice.

Check out their service with the link on the side!

For further info about the Rolfo High and Heavy transporter Range, get in touch!

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