Best practice in COVID times

It's been several weeks since the COVID-19 Pandemic has begun its spreading over Europe. 

While we are still in firefighting mode, the necessary extraordinary measures taken are working, slowing down the spread of the virus and saving thousands of human lives.

Encouragingly we are seeing a lot of preparation now for the restart of automotive production in Europe. 

For sure, this will be also possible due to introduction of a new safety & healthy approach into the European automotive and trucking industry, aiming to protect its workers from getting sick and spreading the disease.

We take the opportunity to share with you the guidelines released from the ECG Association for the COVID—19 operation divided into:

  1. Guidelines for Compunds
  2. Guidelines for Truck Drivers.

You'll also find them on ECG Association's website (

Looking forward to going back to normal really soon, 

stay safe and enjoy your journey.

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