Bringing the transporters closer to you - Video EGO R3

With the Rolfo EGO R3, the design approach has been to minimize the number of operations for the driver. The Rolfo EGO R3 makes sure the top load factors can be achieved with minimized manual handling.

On the other hand we believe that it is our duty to keep investing in order to bring the products closer to you, making it simpler to understand and support during the conversion training, with a full product training package inclusive of:

  • loading instruction videos and demonstrational video. Check out our youtube channels here and here.

  • professional documentation supporting the load planners and drivers in optmizing the use of their new Rolfo kit. Feel free contacting us if you wish to receive the updated loading report on the Rolfo EGO R3

or book your demo period on the new Rolfo EGO R3 (available from end of June in Germany).

Developing the skills into your team to handle the equipment at its best and optimizing its utilization is a common goal we have with our customers.

Unirolfo is the ROLFO official sales agent, for new products Rolfo cartransporters, Rolfo vehicle carriers, Rolfo truckcarriers, Rolfo enclosed transporters, Rolfo car transporter, Rolfo semi-trailer 

in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel and Southafrica.

Unirolfo: your Rolfo car transporter partner

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