Building strategies to grow new drivers on the job

The problems of recruiting younger people into the haulage industry, as a way of solving the driver shortage crisis, was revealed months ago by a report released by a UK Parliamentary group.

The research found that just 2% of all HGV drivers are under the age of 25, with 60% over 45. In the car transporter sector the situation is very similar in the whole Europe, with difficulties attracting younger drivers.

Change can be seen from numerous perspectives, including the way programs are initiated, developed, designed, and delivered into the companies. The various individuals that comprise the process - from trainees to immediate managers, to professional staff, to senior management - are changing perspectives and paradigms on training and development.

Effective training and development functions are finding themselves an integral part of the organization's strategic planning.

At Unirolfo we have seen several customers starting to insert into their main transport fleet a few vehicles with a simpler setup, dedicated to be training ground for new younger drivers coming from the general transport industry, in order to grow them on the job as pro cartransporter drivers.

Rolfo lighter transporter range, like the Venus Power and Venus System, match well this function thanks to the simplicity of their loading process.

Cars are loaded flat, then kicked hydraulically with zero manual adjustments. Mistakes in the load order and vehicle position are easily dealt with thanks to the large volume available and wide decks of the carrier.

Contact us if you want to discover how these systems could create different ways to introduce new drivers.#

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