Driver: the hero of the day - video

We believe that creating the skills into your team to handle the equipment at its best is a key step when introducing new car transporters in your fleet. Especially into the FV logistic sector, drivers represent a core assett of the company contributing to the customer quality experience and handling delicate and expensive vehicles.

A computer cannot fill the seat, neither in load allocation nor behind the levers of a car carrier. Our experience shows that engaging the drivers earlier into the change and providing them the tools to master their kit is fundamental to the success of the operations.

Everyday on the field we learn from our customers fleet team and commit ourselves in building the knowledge around the Rolfo products:

- providing simple loading guidelines to be consulted on the field, as support on your every day vehicles loading challenges. If you own an EGO contact us to get the latest update of the loading guidelines.

- we provide from straight forward equipment conversion training to a full training to non-car transporter drivers in all countries we currently operate. The above training are organized directly, with the support of Rolfo senior technicians or through specialized training partners.

- on Rolfo best sellers transporters line we have elaborated, in collaboration with senior driver trainers, dedicated and customizable training presentations, videos, loading patterns and schematics and more information material which are free to access to all our customers.

At Unirolfo we care that the investment is maximized and brings the full potential for your business.

We believe people have considerable challenge everyday and, holding great respect for the transporter drivers specialized job, we do our utmost in making their job easier.

At the end of a long supply chain, the driver is the real hero of the day.

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