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We continue our conversation (you can get the first news here should you have missed it) over the new ROLFO EGO R3 and which characteristics would make it fit to your business challenges.

2)                  Are we looking at the tendency of saloon and suv growing in width and commercial vehicles transport volumes rising?


The approach in the design of the EGO R3 has been to reconfigure the whole transporter to accommodate larger vehicles, making it ready for today and tomorrow requirements, offering top loading space during the loading process: more width where it matters

-          on the tracks,

-          at mirrors height, and

-          more clearance height between top and bottom deck to facilitate large vans loading.


The Innovative lifting-solution with telescopic pillars and pivot arms (trailer version TF) has been chosen for the maximum width on the top deck but also to grant the best performance in the years minimizing maintenance downtime and costs.


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