EGO R3? 5 Reasons why ...Stability

Nowadays the standards in terms of driving-security and stability have taken big steps forward in comparison to what it used to be in the past. 

Technologies like ABS/EBS and RSS have become industry standard and have improved the driving experience a lot.

In Rolfo we do partake in this technological advancement believing that something more on vehicle stability could be done.  

3)      A short long? What about stability?

In the designing of the ROLFO Short & Long Model, the EGO R3, our technical team has developed specific suspensions and trailer axle positioning to maximize the efficiency and friendly drive of the trailer. 

This showed particularly at the stability test done on the race track, performed with ABS, EBS and chassis roll control de activated >> check the video here!

Additionally Rolfo developed and patented in 2016 an innovative ADAPTIVE trailer stabilizer: the ROLFO Air Drive System.

The ROLFO Air Drive is based on a proprietary algorithm developed by Rolfo and specialized partners in this domain; it acts dynamically adapting to the specific driving conditions, providing a “controlled driving” feeling, keeping rigid and trailer aligned even in case of slippery conditions or unperfect load distribution.


The Air Drive System comes standard on every short long model, the ROLFO EGO R3 or on the Venus system.

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