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We value our customer’s business above all else, and we believe that the key to innovation lays in the process of working close to the product end user and getting involved into the everyday challenges.

For such reason when designing the EGO Rolfo hasn’t considered only a single application or setup: the EGO R3 is rather a platform than a product alone. On the EGO modular chassis it is possible to choose the lifting systems, the decks configuration, customize details on the kick-ups and platforms making it exactly fitted for the end purpose.

As you can see in the slideshow aside, while the EGO 125 is ideal for fast and simple operations, on the other hand the 427 could operate in the UK as a van&car carrier, or in Germany as ideal large volume distribution tool.

Thank you for following us in the last series of article over the EGO R3, 5 reasons why it could be the perfect match to your fleet: from the easy bodyswap, to the fitness in loading large, the stability and the ease of use… today we discussed the versatility.

Should our articles have caught your interest, please contact us and let’s find the way to take your car transport business to the next level.

For the German customers: please look at this event: We would like to welcome you in Karlsruhe, at our event hosted by the transport company Spedition Merkle.

If you’re looking forward to see a real EGO R3 and discover its way of functioning or simply get to know our way of doing business, this is the chance you’re waiting for.

Take it and meet us in Karlsruhe!

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