Eletra: enhancing sustainability in vehicle logistics

We are pleased to present different green technical innovations as contribution to sustainability at this edition of IAA.

Among others there is one, which we want to highlight, named “Eletra”. This solution has been developed in close cooperation between Bestlog and partners with support of Rolfo.

Jochen Thorn, managing director of Bestlog, states “I am very pleased with this innovation. We have been testing the system for a few months now, a couple of prototypes already on the road, and we have achieved noticeable fuel savings and less maintenance and therefore significant cost reductions.”


What is Eletra?

56x repurposed new HV-Li-Ion batteries providing 23kWh at 24V. Total weight is 165kg only.

Battery packs are charged by either an alternator whilst driving, external 230V supply or solar panels.

Retrofit solution for all enclosed trailers as well as open transporters is available.

Short downtime as only small changes to equipment required.


What are the advantages?

  • Fuel savings
  • Cost reduction
  • CO2 and noise pollution reduction
  • Long lasting batteries; no replacement necessary
  • Retrofit solution
  • Improved driver comfort
  • Short downtime for installation

For further details please consult www.eletra.de

Mail to: info@eletra.de

Eletra: enhancing sustainability in vehicle logistics

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