eTrucks in the future of car-transport?

Tesla, Daimler, and other manufacturers have both unveiled or announced their plans for electrical trucks showing that the e-revolution for trucks is just some little steps ahead of us.

As for car transporter, electrical deck operation is in place since at least 15 years by means of electrohydraulic power packs and battery packs. 

Today most of the Rolfo equipment with power packs β€“ no engine running to operate the decks β€“ are deployed for medium-distance transportation or on simple equipment (4/5 kick ups and extensions only) or are hybrid-systems (PTO+power pack).

Anyhow the introduction of etrucks would imply that this system could become of everyday usage also for fast operations and shorter deliveries, where at present the limited running distance would impeded the recharge of the batteries (truck mounted or semi mounted).

We are very excited about these coming innovations are the whole team is ready to support you in advancing your fleet with such solutions.

  • Check the video on the side to know more about all e-Trucks recently launched.
  • As you can see from the images on the gallery, we already figured out how the next Rolfo ecarrier would look like!  πŸ˜‰


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