FLX revamping for the Mega spaces

By designing innovative solutions, such as the Rolfo SmartLift, and by deploying technologies, which were already established as successful on some other Rolfo carriers – such as the telescopic lifting system of the trailer – 

Rolfo FLX has opened a new stage in the sector of the classic or conventional transport.

Two main concepts are at the core of Rolfo FLX technological development: 

(1) boosting customer business’s profitability according to (2) operation friendliness.

Following the latest trends, which see a substantial increase in high-roofed cabs, Rolfo made a dedicated effort to design a whole new upper deck fitting all the FLX rigid body on high-roofed cab (available on low-roofed cabs too).

The solution’s concept is as effective as simple: 

give the driver full control of the space behind the cab on the upper deck for a better load adjustment. 

  • MORE CONTROL AND FLEXIBILITY: The new FLX Top deck offers new features in order to:

1.       Being able to slid more forward hydraulically

2.       Provide additional control in the vehicle positioning with a manual open extension at the front


The combination of the two offers an ideal adjustment of the load of the 2 vehicles on the top deck according to their length and size, improving the overall load factor efficiency.

And this is not just it!

  • DESIGNED FOR CHASSIS LOADING: The newly designed 2nd hydraulic kick-up (3rd position on the carrier) slides more at front being so shorter than before when fully closed.

When loading 2 light chassis this feature allows the second one, loaded backwards on the bottom deck, to get closer to the front, and this way reducing the whole length of the carrier.

  • SAFETY FIRST: Another improvement was about adding an additional safety post on the top deck and extending the handrails area for driver’s operation at height.

We trust you enjoyed this news, feel free contacting us to learn more about what the ROLFO FLX can do for your business!

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