Gas-Trucks: a bridge into the future of Green FV Logistics?

At the ECG Conference 2017 in Brussels Iveco and Rolfo have extended their partnership on the basis of the development of sustainable solutions for car transportation. 

After 1 year all over the continent and more than 600.000 kms of the 10 Stralis NP powered by LNG with ROLFO EGO, I-Fast Automotive Logistics keeps investing in additional 5 gas powered units. 

The latest 5 trucks will be equipped with the latest generation of Rolfo EGO R3 Equipment.

The words of Marco Simone Zanna, General Manager of i-FAST, about this project: "We have observed that LNG reduces particulate matter by 99%, NOx by 60% and CO2 emissions by up to 95%The vehicles have ensured good performances in terms of max. speed, covered distance, noise pollution and flexibility, showing a consistent reduction in fuel consumption by 15% versus to diesel." 

Over the years Rolfo has constantly believed in the pathway of green innovation;

  • by introducing of start&stop devices on transporters reducing fuel consumption and emissions during the loading/unloading process. 
  • by treating the equipment with 100% hot dip galvanization process granting a reduction of CO2 emission to 1/3 compared to painted equipment. 

The future will be in the hands of who will be able to increase working efficiency levels and at the same time lowering both energy consumption and polluting emissions.

The cooperation with IVECO and I-Fast Logistics Automotive goes one step ahead on the way to green innovation, making all the Rolfo Group proud to be part of it !

It’s a safe bet that consumers will eventually swap their gas-powered cars and trucks for rechargeable models; anyway presently Gas powered trucks appear to be a consistent bridging solution waiting for a further evolution of an E-truck. 


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