German Emergency Lanes - How to deal with them

It’s not surprising at all to see slow-moving traffic on German highways. This is something well-experienced by people driving in Germany both for business and for private reasons.

Something maybe not really familiar to everyone is what in case of traffic jam in Germany needs to be done. It got more complex at the beginning of 2017, as the corresponding law has changed. 

That’s why here you can find a couple of hints.


1) Yes, but when?

What you need to know first is “when” rather than “how”. 

The best practice prescribes to drive your vehicle sideward before you stop it. 

It’s important that the stopping-the-car-step comes after having moved it to the roadside and not after it. It’s more difficult to free the space for emergency vehicle once everyone has stopped the car right in the middle of the road.

2) and how exactly?

First: keep the 5-meter distance from the car in front of yours.

It’s quite simple then to figure out where to build this emergency lane on two-lane roads: right in the middle!

What about three-lane (or even more) roads? Just do as follows:

Built it between the left and the middle lane of the road.

Drivers must go sideward – where exactly it depends on which lane the move from.

Moreover, please remember this:

-        the law prescribing that the emergency lane on four-lane roads must be built in the middle of the road is no longer valid;

-        the emergency lane shall be kept until the jam resolves.

Knowing is half the battle! Do not forget this! Have a good trip and enjoy it!


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