Getting green and ...profitable?

By defining new environmental guidelines in the haulage industry, EU expects both truck-makers and trucking companies to cut CO2 emissions of a massively 15%. In 2025 compared to today will mean fuel savings for more than €20,000 for a truck in the first five years.

At Rolfo we believe that developing green solutions that are realistic and immediatly profitable for end users is the only way sustainability can acquire its own space in the trasport industry.

Last year Rolfo perfected a system tested over the years, the Rolfo Intellitimer

helping reducing the fuel consumption when PTO is in use.

Intellitimer is

  • Simple: it doesn not rely on drivers training and doesn't require operator's intervention. It is in an option suitable for every carrier switching the truck engine automatically off when it senses the driver isn't operating the levers.
  • Effective: Rolfo makes sure that 50% of fuel consumed during the loading / unloading process is saved. The restart of the engine is conveniently located at each lever rank.
  • Profitable: Intellitimer gives back! With 6 loadings per week, the yearly average cost-saving is about 1.300 - 1.500 € per truck. Stop burning unnecessary expensive fuel. 

Over the years some other good steps had already been taken: hybrid operation of semitrailers has been quite a success reducing the market-share of pure hydraulic carrier-operation, beside obviously the pure electrical one which has been a standard feature on Rolfo semitrailers for many years. 

The E-operation has allowed Rolfo to introduce some further green-solutions such as the solar panels on the roof of the classy Auriga Deluxe. 

The panels are particularly useful during photoshoot or jobs that require the semi remaining parked for a few days in a row while loading unloading everyday.

Feel free to contact us for further info about the Rolfo Intellitimer and other innovative solutions for your next Rolfo carrier!


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