Highlights from IAA 2022

Thanks to everyone who visited and supported us at the 68th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover from September 20 to 25, 2022.

It has been really great for all of us to feel again that feeling of a constant, day-to-day interaction with our customers, whom we also need to thank for their appreciation for Rolfo innovations. 


The 2022 IAA Edition was about sustainability and innovations towards safe and CO2-emission reducing solutions and compliance with the challenging, fast changing conditions posed by e-vehicles.


Rolfo has been focused on a path of innovation by showcasing 3 of its bestsellers, the classic transporter FLX, the semitrailer for High&Heavy NXT and the enclosed semitrailer Auriga Deluxe:  

  • Rolfo FLX: more comfortable handling for the driver thanks to the hydraulic posts on rigid-body top deck. By deploying an extremely reliable and simple solution, Rolfo meets also the strictest requirements of OEMs. 

  • Rolfo NXT: further developments have been deployed to maximize loading possibilities and fulfil requirements set by electric & articulated busses.

  • Rolfo Auriga Deluxe: through the partnership with Best-Log and Revive, Rolfo showcased Electra: a full-electric enclosed semitrailer equipped with innovative, more powerful lithium batteries, fully rechargeable. Electra provides substantial advantages in terms of cost&CO2-emission reduction, and it paves the way for a complete electrification of semitrailers (open and enclosed) in the near future, as it also works as a retrofit-solution.     


IAA 2022 it's been a great journey, and we thank our visitors, partners and our great staff, who, as it happens at every IAA, has worked tirelessly to support us and make this such a great event for our customers.


Highlights from IAA 2022

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