Innovation showcase: FLX on tour

Between Bayern, Baden-Württemberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen, in the last week, the ROLFO FLX has been welcome by a good number of German operators during an extensive tour of demonstration days.

We’re more than happy about the customer’s reaction and enthusiastic feedback. 

We are so grateful to all of you, and sure the FLX will bring the innovation needed to keep competing and adding value in an increasing tough market!

A special "thank you" to the companies and people, who have supported us with the organization by hosting the events in their compounds, your hospitality and positive, warm welcome in the cold German winter made the day joyful: we look forward working again with you!

From the loading of 3 Sprinter Bus vans, to 6 Citan, from 4 Sprinter chassis vans to 9 or 10 cars, the Rolfo FLX has accomplished a lot through its flexibility and effectiveness. 

Our VOLVO FLX demonstrator is on operation from January 2019, feel free contacting us to 


Should you wish to receive the complete loading report with all of the loadings performed by the FLX, or one of the latest ROLFO cartransporter models, make contact with us.

Some of the partecipants also had the opportunity to see also the high and heavy loading expert kit in action: 

the ROLFO Centaurus NXT!

Presented in Hannover last September it has already defined a new standard in terms of load safety and capacity under European legislation for the movement of tractors, chassis and other type of heavy duty wheeled equipment.

Thank you again for the kind and numerous attendance, see you at the next occasion.

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