Is EGO R3 your perfect match? 5 Reasons why

We’re delighted to announce that Rolfo model EGO R3 is now in full serie manufacturing after almost 1 year of successful demonstrations and testing in more than 9 European countries!

It was June 2016 when the prototype came out of the factory; presented as the most innovative product of the sector at the Hannover Fair in September and officially launched a couple of months later, we are proud to say that our EGO R3 is fulfilling the market’s expectation.

Its features make it suitable for different markets and requirements, and its configuration applies to the most various application.

We are convinced that the Rolfo EGO R3 can be the perfect solution for your car transportation business.

Would you like to know why and how?


Follow us in this five steps conversation on the new EGO R3 fitting with your business requirements:

1)      We need to look at solutions for the next 15 years operations, is the EGO R3 simple to bodyswap?

True is there are many Rolfo drivers younger then the equipment they use! Rolfo has kept investing into product solution that guarantee the longevity of the fleet investment overtime.

>>  Coming news: Rolfo transporters solutions to optimize performances over the years!

The EGO R3 body is couple through a standard fifth wheel, thus swapping the truck connected to your equipment is a 5min operation, and even remarketing of the truck chassis will be at a higher residual value.

The simplicity of the demountable equipment guarantees your transporter has minimized downtime either during maintenance and during bodyswapping in 5-7 years time with a new chassis.

Special materials, optimized design considering static and dynamic forces, full galvanization, and corrosion free coatings grant the equipment will minimize need of intervention over the exploitation time.

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