Just a nice story about commitment and responsiveness

The news got viral about a month ago, and you won’t hear anything like this anytime soon.

    1. A SUV pulling off a rescue-action can happen; 
    2. a truck getting stuck cause of ice and snow happens too.
    3. A Land Rover Defender towing a 44t Truck out of icy conditions is quite a rare crazy heroic feat.

The drama took place in Stafford, close to the local Land Rover Dealership, where a Scania - Rolfo EGO 538 (the most popular 11 car transporter in UK) of Rolfo customer Birway has been rescued from a Land Rover Defender 110 initially part of the loading itself.

By doing the math one realizes the extraordinariness of the matter: a 2.3 t SUV towing out of a 44-t weighing truck (with working engine, but still) – that’s what you get at by summing the weight of truck itself plus one of the loading: 19 times its own weight!

Many compliments to the driver, Ian Prescott, and Matt Knowles, Sales Manager at the Land Rover Dealership, on the rescue action which got safe to dealership Birway’s trucks and its half a million pounds worth of new Land Rovers and Range Rovers loading.

There is a well-known catchphrase saying that a falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest.

This story is definitely about the growing.

You can see the full video of the rescue by clicking on the video aside.

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