Lightning up your load with LED

Especially in winter time approaching, with drivers running short of daylight, having some efficiently placed and powerful night loading light system becomes critical to the safety of the loading/unloading operations.

In the photo on the side you may see the 17 LED reflectors lighting up the Rolfo EGO 538 in operation last winter in Scotland.

Some advantages of LED lightning:

- operational life. With incandescent bulbs, the true cost of the bulb is the cost of replacement bulbs and the labor expense and time needed to replace them.

- reduced power consumption (an LED light approaches 80% efficiency, compared to 20% of standard bulb lamps).

- Extremely compact, they are placed in the most convenient location for the driver to compact the loading in safety.

For this reason Rolfo installs only LED lights on all its transporters from 2008 onwards.

A little innovation for us provides an everyday advantage to you.

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