Multi vehicle movements with the Power

During last IAA Hannover 2016 edition, Rolfo Venus Power has been welcomed with great success by the visitors, due to its flexibility and in view of the particular market situation.

The sales statistics of commercial vehicles have been sky rocketing during last year (+14%), together with the size of high class SUVs, which are always larger (think about the new Mercedes GLE) and transporting them with a non fit for purpose transporter creates a risk to damage rims and tyres.

The Rolfo Venus Power has wide decks and simple passages, with its simple and proven technology represents an ideal solution when moving large vehicles and cars.

A large amount of customers already owing some in their fleet, can testify its highest payload in the segment. You can not only transport cars such as 6 SUVs, but also chassis, vans, motorhomes and caravans, thanks to its low loading decks.

Various visitors of the IAA reported a growing driver vacancy issue which is creating extra costs due to a high turnover and need to re-training.

In a very fast and competitive industry, the Rolfo Venus Power is a simple transporter, that enables you to train new drivers, even with little experience, thanks to the straightforward loading operations.

We are ready to assist you in this process.

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