NVD got awarded!

Safety in car transport operations has always been for us at Rolfo a major commitment.

We’re more than glad to have the opportunity to work with NVD, which has recently received two safety-related awards

  • Company Driver Safety Award at the Brake Fleet Safety Award, and 
  • European Transport Safety Council PRAISE Award at the E.T.S.C.

NVD has deployed over the years a large scale of initiatives in order to promote best practices on safety at work and on the road, and is working close with us in order to continuously increase on future products and current fleet the safety of the transporter operations.

At NVD everything starts with an accurate recruitment-process of drivers and proceeds with an intense safety-related driver’s training

This takes three weeks to complete and additionally 1-2 days per year as refreshing measure.

Investments in technological devices such as telematic systems for the speed, brakes and engine monitoring have helped the company reach such a high level on safety field.  

When we’ve recently delivered a number of Rolfo EGO 538 11 car transporter to NVD, we already knew they would’ve been in good hands. 

Not just good, but awarded.

Congrats to NVD on this special achievement!

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