On ‘hot dip’ galvanization

In our industry persistence of appearance of the truck is very important as it is the protection of the cartransporter under everyday weather and working environment making a difference. 

In the history of vehicle-transporter equipment, the introduction of the hot dip galvanization process in the manufacturing of the products has represented a giant step forward.

Rolfo has taken this step in the middle of 2000’s, starting galvanization not only of the decks but also of the full chassis frame, with much appreciation from all the customers which appreciated the improvement in terms of quality and safety.


Let’s see shortly how this process impacts on those aspects.


With ‘Hot Dip’ Galvanization is meant a process in which steel is bonded (metallurgically) to a zinc protection, which prevent it from rusting by forming a barrier between the steel and the environment.


While granting a rust- free equipment and constant look for the 15 years average exploitation the galvanization affects not just the appearance of the truck.


Hot dip galvanization has a huge impact also on economic sustainability of the equipment. 

From an end-user point of view, the fact that a hot dip galvanized equipment is maintenance-free means that there’s no cost-addiction to the purchase-price during the lifetime of the product. 

What you pay at first is what’ll be having paid at the end of the equipment-life.

-        No cost of repainting or repairing corroded areas over the life of the carrier.

-        BODY-SWAP costs: in case of hot dip galvanized structure body swap costs are just for the pure mechanical transfer of the carrier body, without any paint operation.

-        Less work required on the carrier and the ease of disposal of zinc steel allows to reduce related CO2 emission.


From a SAFETY point of view hot dip galvanization has marked also a big step forward, as it makes steel structures safer

Through this process even the most difficult to reach areas like corners, boxes, chassis beams and pillar corners – places where usually corrosion begins - can be processed.


Rolfo nowadays hot dip galvanizes 100% of its carcarrier production, equivalent to more than 12,000 tons of metal components every year, with designs and processes finetuned to perfection in over a decade.

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