Raising the standards with Nissan and Bca

over 20 loadings per truck per day, 24/7, 365 days/year: working under this pressure requires some expertise by the operator and it is one of the most challenging situation a car transporter equipment can be operating.

The envinroment requested to reconsider what durability, speed and consinstency meant in the industry.

The Nissan Sunderland plant makes 500,000 vehicles a year - the majority for export, and so far around 1,000,000 Nissan cars&suv have safely moved on the 14 ROLFO SIRIO !

The design was elaborated by Rolfo in conjunction with Stobart Automotive (now BCA Automotive) fleet team in 2013, customizing a standard ROLFO Sirio for the tough requirements of the fast operations.

Special retention system, flip chocks, duplicated controls, smoother loading surfaces, safe decks infill, self locking systems are some of the solutions engineered with Rolfo to help the operator leaning the loading process.

Together with the customer fleet team, compared to the previous adopted solution, we achieved to carry one extra car per loading, and reduced the loading time (ramping up the number of cycles per day) maintaining the quality of the delivery.

The ROLFO SIRIO fast operations also grant green operations: working partially on an electro hydraulic power pack, they provide a great advantage in terms of fuel and Co2 emission reduction.

Contact us to discover what results we could achieve together with the same passion, relentless determination and applied know-how.

Your challenge today is our opportunity!

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