To Bra and back with Xpression Events

We often say that with Rolfo transporters our customers take their business to the next level. 

The story about how Xpression Event and we got in touch, published on the latest issue of Truck&Drivers, says something about this motto.


With the introduction of one Auriga Deluxe in its fleet, Xpression Event has stepped out from its “business comfort zone“:


 “At the time we operate three covered single-car trailers and one covered single vehicle, all made in the UK. But if we wanted to take the six-car route, then it was into mainland Europe we would go”

We mostly like when our know-how matches the vision of new customers. It’s the case of Xpression Events. They felt like a new chapter was beginning in that very moment. 

We’re proud to partake in the business stories of our customers. We feel like giving the pen for all these new chapters.

We thank them for the trust placed in us and wish to welcome them to Bra again soon.

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