Training with ease, Video Rolfo EGO 538

We believe that developing the skills into your team to handle the equipment at its best is a key step when introducing new car transporters in your fleet.

Enjoy a quick video (link on the side) done during the training we provided to a new customer in the UK: the Rolfo EGo 538 (in the years known as "the BelleRolfo") shows how easy it can be to load 11 cars, even with a long car (like a Jaguar XF) in position 6.

The innovative loading configuration with split and independent deck 9 and 10 provides more flexibility and increased loading volume, while keeping simple the operations for the driver.

It is a business of specialist and the skills of knowing your kit carry security and profitability for years and years to come.

Feel free contacting us if you wish to receive the updated loading guidelines on the Rolfo EGO 538.

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