Truck on Truck: The Hercules performs its feats!

The Rolfo Hercules has established itself as a market-leader product in the range of high & heavy carriers.

Thanks to the highly innovative design, with a top engineered chassis cut, flip top deck and xtra low trailer chassis, and an extensive use of special materials the Hercules provides the maximum load factor complying with the strictest regulations both in terms of weight and dimensions.

>> Ready for the future: The Hercules has recently undergone a further upgrade allowing it to be approved on the latest OEM requirements and practical tests for heavy-load securing, getting the transporter compliant to the VDI load regulations present, and  future ones.

The Hercules has been developed by Rolfo in order to match different countries legislation, and we have availability of different setups to provide the best value-added tool in your exact environment, always matching strong user requirements such as the need of effective solutions with superior load factors and safe, quick and uncomplicated operation.

For Europe: the Hercules is available in two different rigid-body configurations

1.      The Hercules 3.3 an ideal solution for simplicity and mostly used by companies running the business of pure tractors-transportation.

2.      The Hercules 5.3 configuration allows an increase load factor with effective loading also of long wheelbase chassis, and chassis vans.

The Hercules is ready for the loading also of cars/suvs and buses, while granting possibility to Kangaroo loading (carrier on carrier).

Ready to discover how to conquer your 12 labours with the Hercules?

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