Twelve for the EGO 539, Total Life Cost and much more

Last July the new car carrier Rolfo EGO 539 was unveiled to the prospective UK customers at Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ Wentworth Park.

The innovative Rolfo car transporter is able to perform a 12-car load as well as mixed loadings with large vehicles and is built on a Mercedes Actros 2443 equipped with 428 hp engine, low-roofed Compact Space cab and an original pusher axle.

The tractor unit has been modify after factory to make it a closer fit  to car transport requirements with relocation of batteries and air tanks and a new 525 l fuel tank.

TOTAL LIFE COST: The Rolfo R&D team focused specifically on total life cost when designing the EGO 539. One body and trailer can easily work for seven years with a base vehicle, then – thanks to the modular design – be swapped to a new chassis for a second operation life of another seven years.

Rolfo’s focus was about providing the most cost-effective, efficient kit to the operators with a total life cost that makes the double life a real option.

The full hot-dip galvanization, the fact that each platform on the carrier can carry cars weighing up to 3.0 t and that while adding a new platform on the trailer for the 12th car, the load combination are typically lower overall from 2 to 3 inches than the previous EGO 538.

Davide Sobrino, MD at Unirolfo:

“With its increased loading volume, this vehicle is more productive than anything has been built before for the Uk market”.

Developing the 12 car option was not only about having the extra car, Rolfo R&D went a step forward improving, chassis profile, the deck 9 well known in the industry as “the magic carpet”, the floating deck 10 and deck 8.

The EGO 539 project set new standards for productivity, safety, and build quality.

We thank Mercedes and the team at Midlands Truck and Van as they were excellent partners to us pursuing the same aim for quality and efficiency as Rolfo Group.

The presentation at the Wentworth Park facilities went on for the whole day allowing all the customers to get a full demonstration of the vehicle’s capabilities, from the tractor to the carrier equipment.

We would like also to thank all the operators that were present and have expressed all but good opinions about the newly released combination.

You find the full press release on the Mercedes Web-Site by clicking on the link beside

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