Understanding trailer sway

Car transporters are specialist-vehicles, and as such require special professional drivers.

We, at Unirolfo, supply tools for the job and believe that sharing the best practices that we learn everyday from our customers, can make the sector a little safer and improve quality of our job.

We can sum up below with 3 main indications to handle trailer sway on car transporters:  

>>Before we start: always ADJUST your TECHNIQUE of DRIVING according to length, load you are carrying and the weather conditions.

1.                KEEP correct WEIGHT ON trailer TOW HITCH:

(watch the video below of the easy experiment conducted by U-Haul, with trailer on a treadmill)

always keep the load on your transporter trailer centred on the axles and when possible impose more load on the tow hitch rather then moving it onto the rear. 

See the trailer starting to sway (like a pendulum) as soon as the weight is moved on the rear? On a transporter moving the load little forward, or driving instead of reversing a car can make a difference on the stability of the load!

2.           CHECK Center of GRAVITY remains AS LOW as possible:

especially with multidrop operations, taking vehicles off, always lower top deck or you will be unbalanced.

3.           If SWAY OCCURS: SLOW DOWN.

Let off the gas pedal. 

NEVER speed up to try to control a combination disturbance. 

DO NOT apply your brakes.

Rolfo works always improving its trailers stability and safety; for example, on the Rolfo short long, EGO R3, trailer axles have been positioned differently from other trailers, in order to increase stability and optimize weight distribution.

Furthermore, Rolfo has developed a proprietary innovative dynamic stabilizer, Rolfo Air Drive System for all of its two-axle long trailer. 

This device greatly increases stability on all terrains and in case of bad road conditions or unperfect load distribution. 

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