What is the best semitrailer for car transportation?

Auriga R2, the brand-new open Semi from Rolfo, utilizes well tested Rolfo components/lifting systems and combines them with a completely new and fresh design suitable for easy loading large vehicles and up to 7 cars!

Why now?

In consideration of the increased request for local vehicle distribution, and simpler carriers to be operated also by young drivers, Rolfo decided in 2020 to introduce a new semitrailer with “simple car transport” at its core.

By sharing key components among the diverse carrier of the product range, Rolfo has standardized the refinement of the carrier and prioritized the deployment of quality and tested solutions.

Furthermore, this leads to easier spare parts availability all over Europe, as there are already thousands of Rolfo FLX, Ego and Blizzard on the road today.

And how will it stand the proof of time?

Cartransporters remain operative on the field for decades, especially semitrailers. 

The previous Rolfo Auriga F has been a best seller since 1990 and can still be found working in more then 30 countries. The Blizzard, in its various versions, has set a new standard into semitrailer car transportation and robustness since its launch over 16 years ago. 

The Auriga R2 is build by Rolfo on this experience.

The full ‘hot dip’ galvanization ensures your trailer always keep a smart look over time.

It comes as standard with the electro hydraulic power pack with pressurized oil tank on board

So it enables the tractors being easily swapped over time keeping always a fresh running gear and comfortable cabin.

What about electric heavier, wider cars?

The Auriga R2 is fitted with 10t axles and boast a GVW of 28t total. 

Every deck is designed for a maximum load of 1500kg per axle, so it is ready for any model of future road vehicle.

The passages for wheels and rims are maximized making sure that your cars are always delivered damage free.

Compared to other solutions on the market it is enormously more flexible thanks to a ingenious design allowing full width top deck, fast lifting systems and flexible kick-up disappearing into the lateral side chassis.

Get in touch with us at sales@unirolfo.com to learn more about the optional full hydraulic loading skids, full electric operation, loading patterns.

There is so much more about the Auriga R2 and we look forward to help you configure yours.

What is the best carcarrier semitrailer?

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