Innovation is change that unlocks new value.

With more than 30 years experience on vehicle transportation business, Unirolfo cooperation with hundreds of companies has been a great support in transforming their requirements into real products to solve their logistic challenges.

The Rolfo transporters wide range can be configured to suit the most various needs: from national vehicle distribution to fast operation, from large motorhome movements to truck chassis transportation.

As a dedicated Rolfo agent, beside the sales activity, Unirolfo has achieved a deep expertise in FV automotive logistics, fleet finance, carcarrier design, driver management, market research, import/export, setting up sales organizations and start up overseas companies for production and after sales services.

We go everyday the extra mile, to make sure your requirements are met!

United Kingdom and Ireland

We have been operating into the UK and Irish market since 1993, with the aim of setting up an efficient and powerful sales centre providing a one stop solution from operation to training, from chassis to finance package. Our pragmatic approch starts by listening, go through the process of identifying the most suitable solution and concluding with our committment to the results.

Germany and The Netherlands

Unirolfo started in year 1989 in Germany and rapidly the product range was tuned for this complex and demanding market. Rolfo became one of the major players in car carrier equipment, achieving a prominent standing in the whole Europe. Beside the classic configuration of the Pegasus-Sirio family, we are now present with the distinctive marks of the Hercules and Centaurus truck carriers, the short-long Ego 427 and the Auriga Deluxe, fully enclosed for confidential transports.

South Africa

We are present in South Africa since 2006, and since 2009 we support the activity of the Rolfo SA Team, which extends from direct sales to all the ancillary services such as: Market investigation, Vehicle configuration for the southern african markets, setting up and managing the after sales organisations in the region, participation to the most important specialised Motor Shows, Liaison with cars and chassis manufactures, and specialized press.

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Unirolfo has been a traditional presence in the Israeli market since long time, playing an important role in the car transport trailer business. Among the wide range of Rolfo products, we, jointly with our customers, have selected the models which best suit the Israel Road Legislation and customer’s logistics, such as a very efficient 11/12 car transporter, a highly performing semi trailer for heavy transportation, a flexible high quality solo rigid 6/7 car carrier for city delivery

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